We have built Dart Swap to be as easy to use as possible. We do however appreciate that everybody has different levels of technical ability, especially after a session down at the local. For that reason, this help page should be enough to grasp the basics of using Dart Swap. If you are still struggling or think something on the website is broken, please get in touch.

Viewing darts

To look at all the darts on offer from other Dart Swap members, you just need to click this button: View darts icon

To see more, scroll down and more load (please be patient if you're still on dial-up) until it runs out of darts to show you.

Find a set of darts you like the look of, click on them and more details will be displayed. You will also be able to view any photos of those darts in full size by clicking on them.

Adding darts

Please firstly make sure that you login or register.

You can add your darts to Dart Swap in a matter of minutes using the simple form by clicking this button: Add darts icon

Dart Swap account menu

You can use this button to access your Dart Swap account menu: Login icon

When you are not logged in, clicking that button will take you to the login / register screen.

When you are logged in, you will see the following menu items:

  • My darts: See all the darts you have available for swap. If you want to edit or delete them, just click on the darts you want to change and use the tabs on the individual page for those darts. Any darts that are part of an agreed swap will not show as they should no longer be available!
  • My swaps: See all the swaps you are involved in. You can check whether swaps have been agreed (ie. the 'swappee' has accepted the offer to swap from the 'swapper'. You can also check if both of you have pressed the received button to confirm receipt of the darts from each other.
  • Settings: This is where you can change your username / password / address etc. If you are part of any active swaps, changing your address will not change the address for you on those swaps for the security of both yourself and the person you are swapping with.
  • Logout: This button logs you out of Dart Swap. Please try to click this when you are not using the site, especially on public computers. You will be logged out automatically after a period of time anyway (currently eight hours but that may change).

Main menu

We call it the main menu but actually, it's just populated with the boring stuff such as the Privacy Policy. You will also find our contact form on this menu, for your convenience: Main menu icon

Swapping darts

Swapping on is what Dart Swap is all about and it's easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Please login or register.
  2. Make sure you have at least one item on the website that you can offer to swap. You can add darts here.
  3. Note: If you have a set of darts that are part of an active swap (ie. you have offered them to someone), you cannot offer them to somebody else. If your offer to swap those darts is rejected, they will become available to swap again.
  4. IMPORTANT: Ensure that the address on your Dart Swap account is accurate as this will be given to the other member if a swap is agreed.
  5. Click on the darts you like the look of from the main darts showcase.
  6. Make sure they are definitely what you want and click the SWAP button.
  7. The other member will get a notification that you want to swap and then have to click 'YES' or 'NO'. You will receive an e-mail with that decision. If they have clicked 'YES', their address will be available when you go back to that swap in the 'My swaps' area of your account. Address details are not sent via e-mail for security reasons.
  8. When you have received the darts they have sent you, make sure you go back to that swap and click the RECEIVED button.

For security, once a swap has been agreed ie. you request it and they say yes, the darts you are swapping are automatically removed from the site. Also, the addresses shown on that swap cannot be changed (hence point 2 is important above).

IMPORTANT: There are a few people who insist on spoiling things. If you have any problems with a person you are dealing with on Dart Swap, please let us know. Known scammers will be blocked from the website.

The alternative...

We realise that you may not want to go straight into an official swap arrangement without having a chat first or asking some questions. For that reason, there is another button below the SWAP button on every darts listing page entitled 'Send a message instead'. It does what it says on the tin really. If you click it, a simple contact form comes up allowing you to send the owner of those darts you want a message. They can reply or ignore you - that's entirely up to them. This feature is designed for informal conversations and sharing personal information using it is not advised as everything you type into that box is sent to the other member via e-mail.

Dart sales

Whilst the main feature of this site is to swap darts with the system above being for that purpose, we understand that some people want to sell their darts instead. Exchanging money for goods across the internet can be risky so meeting in person is encouraged if you are buying/selling. If you want to do it all online, we suggest using an online payment service that can offer the buyer and seller protection if things go wrong.

Good luck with your swaps!